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Leucoderma Treatment In Bangalore

Leucoderma (vitiligo) is a skin whitening disorder that may generate patches on your skin. This is due to the destruction of melanin producing melanocyte, which gives pigmentation to our skin. Vitiligo is the term used interchangeably to leucoderma.

Vitiligo on eye lashes

This leucoderma does not cause any organic harm as it is not caused by any germs or the blood cells. The small discoloured spots at the initial stage, gradually starts to merge with each other, thus generating a wider area of discolouration.

Symptoms of Leucoderma:

The only sign or symptom of leucoderma is the appearance of white patches on the skin surface making your remaining skin appear darker. Sometimes a preceding itching is also experienced. After the appearance of these new white patches, they may increase and spread rapidly to other areas, whereas the injuries occurred during this period can turn the area into white colour or pale.

Causes of leucoderma:

Studies until now say that the leucoderma (vitiligo) is caused when the melanocyte (skin pigmentation cells) in the skin gets destroyed due to some malfunctioning of our own immune system, i.e. our immune system attacks the melanocyte of our own body. This destructed melanocyte stops the generation of melanin that gives colouration to our skin. Thus the skin on that area gets pale and eventually discoloured. This is how white patches are generated during leucoderma. But the actual reason for the attack by our own immune system is still unknown.

vitiligo ob fingers

Treatment for leucoderma:

Mostly people say that the vitiligo condition can never be treated as it won’t give you a good result. But this is only a myth and the treatment for vitiligo is possible. Treatment for vitiligo is performed as two parts. In the first part of the treatment, wide spreading of the white patches is stopped or controlled. Once the white patch spreading is controlled, the next part of treatment is carried out where the melanocytes are injected into the affected skin area, so that they produce melanin and thus give pigmentation to that area.

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