Fighting Vitiligo

Early detection and lifestyle changes can make significant impact in fighting vitiligo. Vitiligo sufferer may also experience depression, shock, humiliation, rejection, embarrassment, guilt, panic, etc. Positive support from the family and friends can help him/her to cope with these issues. It is important to find out the right vitiligo specialist to treat vitiligo as early as possible. The sufferer should take good care of his/her skin.

fighting vitiligo

fighting vitiligo

As modern lifestyle has a greater impact on the health, certain lifestyle changes can also help the vitiligo affected individual to tackle the condition. It may include:


  • High quality of sleep is an inevitable factor. Sleep at least 6 hours a day


Exercise is always good for health. Such kinds of physical activities help in balancing the body and relieve stress.

  • Regular exercise and regular physical activity

  • Perspiration helps in removing toxins from your skin. It may also help in blood circulation.


  • Try wearing cotton clothes

  • Avoid synthetic fiber clothes

  • Avoid wearing light clothes

Stress Management

It is important to make the sufferer emotionally balanced. Stress relieving activities such as meditations, counselings, yoga etc. can help to manage stress.

The parents of the children suffering from vitiligo should also have to be careful. They can follow these tips to keep their child away from the mental stress and tension caused by vitiligo:

Special care Childhood vitiligo

  • Parents should not be over conscious towards the child’s condition.

  • Educate the child about the condition

  • Negative discussions and attitude towards the conditions should be avoided in front of th gge child

  • Give support to the child to engage more in social activities and mingle with people.

  • Keeping concerned teacher, friend, well informed and educated regarding regarding, so the child comes under peer pressure.


  • No over indulgence of certain ‘good food’ as well as no complete avoidance of ‘certain bad food’.

  • Follow moderation, nutrition and balance in your diet

  • Having restricted intake is better compliant than avoidance of certain food.

  • There is no complete good food nor totally harmful food.
    Don’t follow diet out of frustrations. There is no magic with out logic in fighting vitiligo.

  • Dietary pattern is very important. Normal and timely breakfast, moderate and timely lunch and light dinner.

  • Restrict but don’t completely avoid:high calorie foods like fried foods and sweets, turmeric, food with Vit C ( sour foods)

  • Infrequently: red meat ( beef and lamb/mutton), fast or junk food, high calorie aerated drinks.

  • Consume regularly: milk, black pepper, green tea

  • Special category

  • Non vegetarians : no need to completely stop non veg, infrequent intake of red meat, regular intake of white meat (chicken), eggs and fish can be done but with restricted quantity.

  • Vegetarians: some animal origin vitamins are important in fighting vitiligo, so consuming milk is essential.

  • Person already on strict diet: no need to completely avoid Vit C containing fruits. You can have them once in a while. Fruit salad is better than consuming only one type of fruit.

  • Avoid or totally restrict alcohol and smoking or the use of tobacco.


Avoiding all white foods- no significance in fighting vitiligo

Having milk and fish together causes vitiligo- not true, but if you have the fear you can have the gap between two.