Patient Co-ordinator, Secretary & Front Office Manager & OT Nurse

Job description

  • Responsible for coordinating all patient requests coming in through e-mail, phone or any other form of communication regarding the services provided by Melanosite.
  • Registration and recording details of the patients.
  • Coordinating OPD,to efficiently handle appointments.
  • Reply to Enquiry and appointments over telephone
  • Convince and reassure the patient in taking up treatment using various media available.
  • Manage the Front Office, Directing the patients on appiontments,geographical locations,how to reach the clinic,  doctor’s schedule and availability at various locations across the country,follow up, Log or register the call or communication through the clinic management software.
  • To accurately generate invoice and collect payment through  Cash/ Card/from patients.
  • Submit collection of cash/and collection reports to admin on daily basis
  • To effectively utilize Clinic Managment Software, and other software provided.
  • To be well groomed, punctual & adhere to company policies and practices.
  • Maintain the confidentiality and security of all data and information relating to the facility
  • Fresher Graduates are also welcome.


  • Knowledge of Word and Excel
  • Should be computer savy and Internet Savy
  • Ability to handle Patients
  • To be the one point contact for Patient
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Good Interpersonal Influence

Job Opportunity For Patient Relationship Coordinator & OT Nurse In Delhi

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