Supportive Measures

Vitiligo sufferers should follow some supportive measures that may help in protecting the skin and improve its appearance. It is important to avoid sun exposure as the white patches may get burned. In order to avoid sun exposure, the patient will be suggested to wear protective clothing. Avoiding sun exposure at peak sun ties and using high factor sunscreen etc. will also help the patient to protect the affected skin from further damage. Sun screen also minimizes tanning, which makes depigmented skin less noticeable.

Injured skin may increase the chance for new white patches in the same area. Adults with NSV should check for other autoimmune conditions. Blood test may also be suggested for thyroid autoantibodies. Thyroid function shall also be monitored. Symptoms of diabetes, pernicious anaemia, thyroid disease and Addison’s disease will also be checked. Symptoms of these conditions should be reported to the doctor immediately. The overall health including mental health should also be maintained well.

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